Vice President

Penny Parry, PhD

Dr. Parry brings over 40 years of experience working with children, youth, and families. She has held numerous positions including clinical psychologist, tenured university professor, and independent consultant for provincial Ministries related to education and mental health supports of children, youth and families.

Dr. Parry’s ‘strong as glue’ connection with RayCam began when she served as the Child and Youth Advocate for the City of Vancouver from April 1992 to May 1996. She was inspired by RayCam’s longstanding vision and core values of community-based planning, fostering capacity building, and working from a developmental perspective, which recognizes the child as the centre of potential for youth, adult, seniors, and the community. RayCam’s commitment to the building’s physical structure, programs, and staff also impressed her. Dr. Parry believes that Raycam has managed to maintain an atmosphere for whom community members of all ages feel comfortable over the years: a powerful feature that ensures the community is served based on the community’s needs.